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About the Author

Sean Miner is a writer and illustrator, mostly of fantasy and children’s fiction, with a flare for the absurd and macabre, but still manages to be pretty cheery. He had at least dabbled in most art forms he has come across, and has several dozen projects that he will get to Real Soon Now. He holds a Masters of Education and is passionate about reading, science, art, and pretty much everything else.

Sean was born last of eight children in New York City, where he was raised. He has lived in Queens, worked in Brooklyn, visited Staten Island, regularly passes through Manhattan to get between all of these, and he currently lives in the Bronx with a family based on love, acceptance, and various flavors of nerdery. He is working on his young adult fantasy, The Woman of Bones.

He publishes his work on Medium, as well.


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Sean Miner

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